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Volleyball  Tournament

Time : TBA
Location: TBA
Teams:  Karasuno,  Nekoma, Aoba Johsaid, Date Tech
Rules: 8 people max per team
Entry fee: ___ per player
Prize: TBA
Description: TBA



Dancing Contest

Time : TBA
Location: TBA
Teams:  TBA
Rules: TBA
Entry fee: TBA
Prize: TBA
Description: TBA



After Party

Time : 8 pm -10  pm
Location: SeaWalk Pavilion
DJs:  KINO (kinothedj)
Description: TBA



Paint With  Us

Time : TBA
Location: TBA
Entry Fee: TBA
Description:   TBA



Tie Dye Class

Time : TBA
Location: TBA
Entry Fee: TBA
Description:   TBA



Time :
Feb 19th @ 11:30 am -1:00pm 
Feb 20th @  12:30 pm - 2:00pm

Feb 19th  @ SeaWalk Pavilioin
Feb 20th @ Soupa Noodle Shop

Entry Fee: Free

Prizes: TBA

1)  Showcase your cosplay No longer than 1 minute
2) Have fun  & be supportive

Kids- Open to all cosplay ages 0-12 Novice- Open to all cosplay ages 13+ Journeyman- 50% or more hand made Masters- 75% or more hand made

Categories Description:

Novice- first time or fairly new cosplayer/cosmaker. Usually have never been in a cosplay contest or has been in up to 5 with maybe placing with 1 or none. Can be open to all cosplay both thrifted or commissioned with minimal hand made criteria.

Journeyman- Middle of the road experience has entered between 6-15 contests and maybe has place in 2-3 but no more than 5. Usually has a criteria that 50% or more be hand made

Masters- these are the experienced cosplayers who have competed in 16+ contests and placed in 5+ This category usually requires 75% or more hand made to be able to enter this category.

Cosplay Contest Registration

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